Our Value

Quality work from dedicated professionals.

Arcturus Aerospace has a record of consistent and steady growth thanks to our team, and under the leadership of our President, Mark Greenwell. Today, we remain a family-owned and operated organization. In March 2020 we moved into our own facility, a modern 16,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Little Rock, AR.

Our Vision

Old school values. State of the art technology. Everything begins and ends with quality.

Our Mission

To provide our aerospace, defense, and commercial customers with large business capability coupled with the benefits of small business agility.

proud to be

Veteran Owned and Operated.

Our Team.

We know it takes a strong and cohesive team to be successful.  As a growing company we don’t have a hierarchy standing between you and creative solutions.  

Our team of highly skilled professionals brings a wealth of combined experience and talent; through mentorship, continuing education, and practical application. 

Trusted by world-class organizations.

We play an integral role in helping solve our customers’ toughest production challenges with innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions that work.