PO Terms

Arcturus Aerospace
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

    • Test reports and certifications must be signed and dated by an authorized representative. The title of the representative must also be indicated.
    • Test reports and certificates shall show our P.O. #, item number, and other identifications as may be necessary to identify the reports and certificates to the items. The test reports and certifications must show the applicable specification number and revision level.
    • Include one copy of the documentation with the shipment.
  2. PACKING, PACKAGING & MARKING: Items must be packed/packaged to prevent handling and shipping damage. Packages shall be clearly marked for identification. Damage due to inadequate protection or packaging may cause rejection.
  3. CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMANCE (C.O.C. or C of C): A C.O.C. is required with each shipment and part number. The C.O.C. must state that the parts or services were supplied in accordance with the requirements of the P.O. and applicable drawings and/or specifications.
  4. CERTIFIED MATERIAL TEST REPORT (CMTR): CMTR’s must be included with each shipment of raw materials, such as metals and chemicals, as well as forgings, castings, stamping, and machined parts. The seller shall submit CMTR’s showing actual material chemical and physical test results.
  5. NON-CONFORMING MATERIAL AND MATERIAL REVIEW BOARD (MRB): Suppliers shall not ship materials or parts to Arcturus Aerospace which do not conform to all drawing and specification requirements in the P.O. or attachments without prior written authorization from an Arcturus Aerospace representative. MRB authority of supplier is limited to rework to specification or scrap. Materials supplied by the Arcturus Aerospace shall not be scrapped without written authorization by Arcturus Aerospace.
  6. CONFIGURATION CONTROL: No change shall be made to materials, parts, processes, or prescribed tests of purchased articles without prior written approval from the Arcturus Aerospace. Written change requests must detail the proposed change, the reasons therefore, and evidence (including appropriate analytical and test data) that the proposed change will not degrade performance.
  7. SUPPLIER’S CALIBRATION SYSTEM:  Supplier’s calibration system must meet the requirements of ISO 10012, ISO 17025 or ANSI-Z540-1 latest revisions. Inspection measuring equipment utilized in manufacture of the items must be calibrated and traceable to NIST or other standards body.
  8. SUPPLIER’S QUALITY SYSTEM: Supplier’s quality system must meet the requirements of ISO 9001 or AS9100, latest revisions. Certification is not required.
  9. SUPPLIER’S QUALITY RECORDS: The seller shall retain verifiable objective evidence of inspections and tests performed for a minimum of 10 years unless otherwise specified by the P.O. Record retention and control shall comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 or AS9100, latest revision. Commencement of the retention period will be the same as the date noted on the packing list or certification of conformance, whichever is later. Records to be preserved include any documents that provide evidence that products comply with approved design data and its safe operation, or data generated to support and demonstrate that the quality system complies with stated policies. Records shall be in the form of hard copy, microfilm, or electronic media.
  10. MATERIAL AGING (ADHESIVES, FILM, O-RINGS, ETC.): Seller shall identify by tag or label each item, package, or container of materials having definite characteristics of quality degradation with age. The ID tag shall show manufacturer’s lot or mix number, shelf life expiration date, and any special storage or handling conditions.
  11. RIGHT OF ACCESS: Arcturus Aerospace reserves the right of access, with advance notice to supplier facilities to inspect supplier’s quality systems, records, materials, and facilities relative to this P.O. The right extends to Arcturus Aerospace’s customers, the FAA, and other regulatory authorities.
  12. FINAL ACCEPTANCE: Final acceptance of materials procured under this P.O. will be at Arcturus Aerospace’s facility.
  13. FIRST ARTICLE INSPECTION (FAI): A first article sample and inspection results must be submitted to Arcturus Aerospace for approval. Seller assumes full responsibility for production prior to receipt of written approval of first article from Arcturus Aerospace.
  14. INSPECTION TOOL/EQUIPMENT CALIBRATION SERVICES: Supplier must comply with the requirements of ISO 10012-1 or ANSI-Z540-1, latest revisions including all change notices, or to ISO 17025 latest revision. Accreditation to ISO 17025 is preferred. Each item requires a certificate of calibration signed by a responsible representative, showing deviation from true values and stating the tool or equipment has been calibrated traceable to the NIST. Each inspection tool or piece of equipment will have a calibration label applied to it by the vendor. This label must show the vendor’s company name, signature/initials of calibrator, date calibrated, next due date, and any unusual limitations.
  15. SOURCE INSPECTION: Arcturus Aerospace will inspect the materials, items, parts, components and associated records included in this order at the seller’s facility prior to shipment. The seller shall provide facilities, equipment, and assistance as necessary to perform source inspections. Source inspection may include the participation of the Arcturus Aerospace’s customer, and/or representatives of regulatory agencies, if required. The seller shall provide notice of not less than five days to the cognizant buyer to permit scheduling of source inspection.
  16. FREIGHT SHIPMENTS: All shipments carried by motor freight, common carrier, or LTL carrier are to be delivered by lift gate equipped truck or trailer. Shipper must advise the carrier to contact Arcturus Aerospace at 501 904-2113 or sales@arcaero.com at least 24 hours in advance to schedule delivery. Failure to follow this requirement may result in charge back to the supplier.
  17. PROCESS / FACILITY CHANGES: Supplier to notify Arcturus Aerospace immediately of changes in processes, changes of subtier suppliers, and/or changes of manufacturing facility location. Arcturus Aerospace reserves the right to approve such changes before work is allowed to proceed.
  18. SUB-TIER FLOWDOWN: All purchasing requirements shall be flowed down to sub-tier suppliers or subcontractors. 
  19. ETHICAL BEHAVIOR: Supplier shall comply with the Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA) Global Principles of Ethics in the Aerospace & Defense Industry.
  20. Suppliers shall implement and document a counterfeit product prevention plan. Any counterfeit or suspected counterfeit material will be returned.